Magic VNET
the best Android packet capture artifact

VNET is the most powerful network packet capture tool under the Android platform . It supports HTTP & HTTPS , TCP&UDP, IPv6&IPv4, multi-terminal display, and has very powerful functions .


Get started quickly

1. Install VNET, download the latest version from VNET official website or Google Play

VNET official website:


2. After installation, click the start button to start capturing the package

Support Android7.0 and above

Android7.0 and above cannot capture HTTPS by installing user certificates, so additional operations are required. Choose one of the following

1. For non-rooted phones

Install the special version of Parallel Space in the VNET settings, set the packet capture app in VNET as the parallel space, and start the three-party APP that needs to be captured in the parallel space. Take the Chrome as an example

2. For rooted phones

Install the system certificate in the VNET settings, or manually move the certificate to the system certificate directory

More features

  1. Support IPv6&IPv4, TCP&UDP, HTTP&HTTPS
  2. Support PC web page display results
  3. Support Pcap export
  4. Support the saving and sharing of packet capture results
  5. Support global packet capture or only for one or a few APPs