Android Packet capture tool


Packet capture/Network traffic sniffer app with SSL decryption.




  • Record network packets
  • HTTPS & HTTP support
  • TCP & UDP support
  • IPv4 support
  • Hex & Text & Picture support
  • Save as pcap format
  • No root required.


  • IPv6 support
  • Web cast
Why Choose VNET

uses state-of-the-art technology

IPv6 support

Any IPv6 packets can be captured

Web cast

Cast the result to PC browser


Save the pcap and export to WireShark


What VNET's User Say?

VNET helps me quickly determine whether the network message is correct or not, and prevents me from arguing with server engineers about which side of the problem lies. VNET has become the most important tool in my development process.
Amanda Lee
Senior Software Engineer
Using VNET to capture packets,the results are very clear, especially combined with the webcast function. I can easily copy and paste the results into the test report. It's one of the best network capture tools I've ever used.
Adam Cheise
Senior Test Engineer
I use VNET to analyze whether the network message of the software is safe and whether there are design defects. Through it, I've helped our company detect numerous network vulnerabilities.
Adam Cheise
Software security expert